Klecksograph 1

Poetry by Sam Smith, James Walton, Sanjeev Sethi, Martin Ferguson & others, an article on pareidolia, prose by Franz Kafka and D. H. Lawrence.


Kleksograph 1
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Klecksograph 2

Poetry by Pauline Barbieri, Catherine Pozzi, Lesley Synge, Gerry Fabian, Algo, Annie Bell, George Moore, L.B. Sedlacek, Maria Arana, and Michael B. Brownstein, prose by  Seth Crook, Padraig o' Connor, Declan Touhey, Geoffrey Heptonstall, Charlie Thomson, and Lesley Synge, artwork by Laura Minning and Jessica Ballantyne, article: How Safe are our fairy tales?


Kleksograph 2
PDF – 18.3 MB 171 downloads