is 40 and from Ireland. In self-imposed self-isolation, Algo only wears black and enjoys studying the School of Austrian economics, reading comic books and meditating. Believes organized religion is a club but is not nihilistic.

Maria A. Arana

is a teacher, writer, and poet. Her poetry has been published in various journals including Spectrum, The Pangolin Review, Nature Writing, and Cholla Needles Magazine. You can find her at

Jessica Ballantyne

moved to London in 2009 after graduating with a BA (honours) in Fine art from the University of Pretoria. Specialising in oil painting, Ballantyne creates art that revolves around the main subject matter and passion of her work: the body mind. Influenced by Surrealism and psychoanalysis, Ballantyne creates artworks which combine her love of automatism (a surrealist technique of free-association or creating without thought or plan) with spirituality and the subjective experience of being.

Pauline Barbieri

was shortlisted for the Bridport Poetry Prize by the poet laureate, Sir Andrew Motion and twice for the Exeter Poetry Prize by Jo Shapcott and Lawrence Sail, respectively. She has had six collections of poetry published and was shortlisted for the Cinnamon Press Novel Awards for her book, 'Smoke and Gold'.

Annie Bell

lives in County Waterford, Ireland but is originally from Brightlingsea in Essex, England.

Michael H. Brownstein

His latest volume of poetry, How Do We Create Love?, was recently released (Cholla Needles Press, 2019).

Pádraig O' Connor

 is a writer based in Cork City in Ireland. His first play 'Madam of Myrtleville' was staged last year. He is currently working on his second play 'This, That & The Other' which will be performed later this year. He also writes short stories.

Seth Crook

has taught philosophy at various universities, is transitioning into a seal, lives on Mull. His poems have appeared in such places as The Rialto, Magma, Envoi, The Interpreter's House, Butcher's Dog, Northwords Now, Causeway, Snakeskin. And in anthologies such as the Port (Dunlin Press), Green Fields (Maytree).

R. Gerry Fabian

is a retired English instructor. He has been publishing poetry since 1972 in various poetry magazines. He is the editor Of Raw Dog Press
He has published two books of his published poems, Parallels and Coming Out Of The Atlantic.
His novels, Memphis Masquerade, Getting Lucky (The Story) and Seventh Sense are available at all ebook publishers including Amazon, Apple Books and Barnes and Noble. He is currently working on His fourth novel, Ghost Girl. is scheduled for publication in 2020.

Martin Ferguson

Martin Ferguson is a poet and English language teacher working in France. 
He has been published in several UK poetry magazines including The Journal and Ink Sweat and Tears, and shortlisted in Against The Grain Press.
His debut collection  An A to Z Art of Urban Survival Following Diogenes of Sinope is available now through Original Plus

Geoffrey Heptonstall

His publications include a novel, Heaven's Invention, and a first collection of poetry, The Rites of Paradise. He was a regular contributor to The London Magazine for several years and lives in Cambridge.

Laura Minning

Her first poem was published by her Alma-mater in 1989, and her second received an Editor’s Choice Award by the National Library of Poetry in 1993. Laura’s work has been featured both in hard copy and on-line, via publications like “Literature Today”, “Amulet” and “Stanzaic Stylings”.
Laura received her first International Merit of Poetry Award in 1995 and her second in 1998. Both were presented to her by the National Library of Poetry. Her outstanding achievements in poetry were internationally recognized again in 2005 by, who was kind enough to bestow the title of International Poet of the Year on to her.
Laura’s first collection of poetry, “dear diary” was published by Vantage Press in 2003. Her second book, “sunburst” was published by Xlibris a year and a half later.
She’s been creating and exhibiting abstract work since 2013. Her pieces have been displayed at venues like the Iowa Children’s Museum, the Trenton Free Public Library and Barcode. 
As a person with legal blindness, Laura hopes to inspire other creative people with disabilities to never allow anything to hinder them from reaching for the stars and accomplishing their dreams If you were to ask her about her creative successes, she would tell you that the difficult is but the work of the moment, and the impossible takes a little longer.

More information at

George Moore

is the author of Saint Agnes Outside the Walls (FurureCycle 2016) and Children's Drawings of the Universe (Salmon Poetry 2015). Poems have appeared in The Atlantic, Poetry, Orion, Arc, Colorado Review, and Stand. He has done recent residencies in Latvia and Greece, and work has been shortlisted for the Bailieborough Poetry Prize and long-listed for the Gregory O'Donoghue Poetry Prize. After a career at the University of Colorado, Boulder, he presently lives with the wife, also a poet, on the south shore of Nova Scotia.


Paul Murgatroyd

After a long career as a professor of Classics (specialising in Latin literature) Paul Murgatroyd retired four years ago and started writing novels and short stories. Seventeen of the latter have been published or accepted for publication, along with three poems in English and over fifty of his Latin poems.

L.B. Sedlacek

is an award winning poet and author with poetry and fiction appearing in many different journals and zines. Her latest poetry books are “The Adventures of Stick People on Cars” (Alien Buddha Press), “The Architect of French Fries” (Presa Press) and “Words and Bones” (Finishing Line Press.) She is a former Poetry Editor for “ESC! Magazine” and also co-hosted the podcast for the small press, “Coffee House to Go,” for several years. She teaches poetry at local elementary and middle schools and publishes a free resource for poets, “The Poetry Market Ezine.” In her free time, LB enjoys swimming, reading, and taking guitar lessons.

Sanjeev Sethi

Sanjeev Sethi has published over 1200 poems in more than 25 countries. He is the author of three books of poetry. Wrappings in Bespoke  is Winner of Full Fat Collection Competition-Deux organised by the Hedgehog Poetry Press U.K. This is his fourth volume. It will be released in 2020. He lives in Mumbai, India.

Sam Smith

Sam Smith is editor of The Journal (once 'of Contemporary Anglo-Scandinavian Poetry'), and publisher of Original Plus books. He has been a psychiatric nurse, residential social worker, milkman, plumber, laboratory analyst, groundsman, sailor, computer operator, scaffolder, gardener, painter & decorator........ working at anything, in fact, which paid the rent, enabled him to raise his three daughters and which hasn’t got too much in the way of his writing. He has several poetry collections and novels to his name, has won prizes and awards, organised festivals and readings. Now in his 70s he has ended up living in South Wales.

Lesley Synge

lives in Brisbane, Australia. She has three poetry collections, Organic Sister (Post Pressed, 2005) Mountains Belong to the People Who Love Them (Post Pressed, 2011); Signora Bella’s Grand Tour (self-published Zing Stories, 2019) and is collected in The Sky Falls Down (Ginninderra, 2019). She has an MA in Creative Writing from University of Queensland and is an award-winning writer in many genres.

Charlie Thomson

is a Zimbabwean born and raised author currently living in London. His last few years have been spent building collections of stories all based around human existence. His first novel "Cassie: A London Legacy" is set to publish in early April.

Declan Toohey

is an Irish writer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His fiction and criticism has appeared in Visual Verse, The Stockholm Review of Literature, and Idle Ink. He is currently at work on a collection of short stories.

Lorcan Walshe

Lorcan Walshe is a professional artist and I live and work in Dublin Ireland. His website is After a long career as a painter he is currently dividing his time between painting and writing. He has finished my first novel (not yet publised) and is currently working on an illustrated book on the Major Arcana images in Tarot cards. He has had articles on art published and also a few poems.

James Walton

James Walton is published in many anthologies, journals, and newspapers. His collections of poetry include 'The Leviathan's Apprentice' 2015, Walking Through Fences' 2018, 'Unstill Mosaics' 2019, and 'Abandoned Soliloquies', forthcoming. 

Phil Wood

Phil Wood studied English Literature at Aberystwyth University. He has worked in statistics, shipping, and a biscuit factory. His writing can be found in various publications, including: Streetcake Magazine, Sein und Werden, DM du Jour, and Fly On The Wall Magazine (issue 6).